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Choose the one that describes you most right now.

  • a. You have a hard time falling asleep at night.
  • b. You get really hungry in between meals.
  • c. You either drink alot or very little water.
  • d. You feel angry, frustrated or depressed.
  • e. You live on sugar, caffeine or both.

If you're honest, you'd say..

  • a. You want to lose some weight.
  • b. You snack alot.
  • c. You get headaches frequently.
  • d. You're overwhelmed with all the things you have to do.
  • e. You struggle getting up in the mornings.

Which one of these bugs you the most?

  • a. You have a desk job.
  • b. You're trying but you're not losing any weight.
  • c. You use alot of chapstick or lipbalm.
  • d. You feel stuck about something in your life.
  • e. You can be irritable and moody.

Your friend would tell you..

  • a. Stairs make you very out of breath.
  • b. Your skin, hair and mood are dull. 
  • c. You are fatigued often.
  • d. You know you're hard on yourself.
  • e. It's hard to focus and be productive.

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